Being Danish, we love the Scandinavian living, which is white, light, candles, HYGGE and surrounding yourself with beautiful things, family and friends. 

We started the business by opening a High Street shop in Surrey. Years later, and a very improved internet, we found that it would be better – and easier – to reach customers by opening an online shop instead, but still with the Scandinavian touch and special and beautiful items from both Danish and British suppliers. 

Our founder is Charlotte, who has been in the retail and interior business for 18 years and is, almost, obsessed with Interior Design. She loves the fact that a tealight holder is not just a tealight holder; it can be a stylish bowl for sweets, a little vase or even the storage for your jewelry. The ideas are endless, and we love showing you all the different ways of using the items. 

We will always do our very best to ensure that the item we send to you is faultless. Therefore, we check every order thoroughly and make sure its journey will be as safe as possible. 

Welcome to the Scandinavian way of living. 

Charlotte Wikke